Sanitising Solutions

In the current environmental conditions, santising solutions have become a topic of intense research and scrutiny in an effort to find effective affordable responses make areas safe. The challenge faced by householders and facilities management resources has been the duration of the effectiveness of sanitising… which here to fore has been limited due to “contamination compromise”.

Recognising this, Chem-Dry’s research facility has formulated a solution, which provides both disinfection and extended protection against contamination, which has gained approval, and is now available called MicroPro Shield.

Chem-Dry offers two service packages for the MicroPro ShieldTM Service:

  • Disinfecting
  • MPS-90

Disinfecting is the core Chem-Dry disinfecting process where Chem-Dry professional technicians apply our hospital-grade, EPA-registered disinfectant by wiping down high-touch point areas and electrostatically spraying surfaces throughout each area serviced.

Our disinfectant is food-contact-surface safe and is proven to eliminate 99.999% of various bacteria in minutes. The Disinfecting service is ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

Upgrade from our basic disinfecting services to also include our 90-day residual antimicrobial benefits of our MPS-90 process.

This two-step system works to disinfect and apply a microscopic layer of nanospikes that continues to eliminate viruses, bacteria and germs on contact, keeping your surfaces safer and healthier for up to three months.

Disinfecting & Sanitizing
The core Chem-Dry disinfecting process includes applying an EPA-registered, hospital-grade disinfectant to high and low contact areas through an electrostatic sprayer.

Our disinfectant is a non-corrosive solution that contains no harmful by products and has no added fragrance or perfume. We utilize a unique chemical disinfectant formulation that includes natural elements and is safe for use on food-contact-surfaces. The disinfectant has been shown to eliminate a broad range of viruses, germs and bacteria including superbugs like MRSA and H1N1.

Our Chem-Dry selected disinfectant has also been ap proved by the EPA for use against SARS-CoV-2, the cause of

Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The process uses a unique electrostatic machine, provides excellent coverage across surfaces, reaching far into hard to reach areas with mini mal risks to sensitive items such as electronics. The Disinfecting is ideal for both residential and commercial applications.

MSP90 – 90 day antibacterial protection

MPS-90 includes all the benefits of our core Disinfecting process PLUS an application of our unique 90-day antimicrobial protective layer. This unique, EPA-registered, water-based antimicrobial residual product creates an endurable antimicrobial layer that mechanically inhibits the growth of viruses, germs, and bacteria across surfaces for 90-days. The MPS -90 process creates a microscopic layer of nanospikes that provides residual benefits against viruses, germs, and bacteria. This process results in a surface that continues to be protected with an odourless, low moisture, comprehensive coverage. The field of “nanospikes” mechanically kill microbes (bacteria, germs, viruses) by piercing and rupturing their cell membrane.

This kill method prevents microbes from mutating and adapting, inhibiting the ability for superbugs to grow and spread. Our 90-day antimicrobial product and disinfectant are EPA and FDA approved for food contact surfaces, so no need to wipe the surfaces after our application. Applied using a patented electrostatic sprayer we call the AMP-360, the process works to evenly spread the antimicrobial layer across entire surfaces, reaching far into hard-to-reach areas.


Chem-Dry certifies the areas treated were disinfected/sanitized with Vital Oxide and protected for 90-days with BIOPROTECTTM RTU correctly.

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