Tile/Stone/Wood/Vinyl Floor

Modern living provides a plethora of floor covering options, including Tile, Natural stone, Wood, and Vinyl finishes. These options enable house owners stamp their unique preferences and tastes on their home.

Whilst ordinarily these floor coverings serve to enhance a house environment, all to often through heavy use and/or poor maintenance, these floor coverings can loose their appeal. Overtime, the finishes can suffer from dull from micro scratchings and residue build up from regular maintenance and cleaning regimes. When these instances occur, cleaning tile & stone, grout, wood and vinyl floors can often be challenging, with floors looking chalky and lifeless in appearance even after cleaning.

Chem-Dry Classic’s tile & stone, grout, wood and vinyl floor cleaning and refurbishment process cuts through this appearance, and restores a hard floors original appearance, reintroducing that sparkling finish the floor had when originally installed.

Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaning and Refurbishment
Vinyl & Marmoleum Floor Cleaning & Restoration
Natural Stone Restoration
Tile & Grout Cleaning

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