Tile & Grout Cleaning

Ceramic & Porcelain floors are very durable; however dirt, grime and residue can build up on the tile surface and within the grout lines. Over time this accumulation can reduce the floors appearance, leaving householders struggling to achieve and maintain clean floors.

Traditional methods of steam cleaning, or indeed scrubbing on hands and knees is often simply too time consuming, and more often than not, doesn’t achieve the desired result.

Chem-Dry Classics’ cleaning service uses specially formulated cleaning solutions capable of cutting through grime and residue accumulations, which can then be lifted away using scrubbers and wet vacuums to remove soiled water.

Once cleaned, floors can be treated with a durable sealant, designed to enable easier cleaning and maintenance.

Tile/Stone/Wood/Vinyl Floor
Wood & Laminate Floor Cleaning and Refurbishment
Vinyl & Marmoleum Floor Cleaning & Restoration
Natural Stone Restoration

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